Life is Cruel but it's Real

Where there is wind there may also be a wall. Knock it the fuck down and head towards whatever commotion you can find. Interesting things only happen when you make them.

My dog Puff (on the left) has terrible night terrors. Tonight I was in the bathroom when I heard my other dog Hoshi start whimpering like crazy. When I finally got to the bed I saw that Hoshi has crawled to where Puff was at the end of the bed kicking and shaking having a bad night terror. She was trying to wake him up. I immediately woke Puff and cuddled him immensely. He was shaking continuously and sighing quite pathetically. Usually when this occurs I sing him lullabies or whatever song I can think of to calm him down. His favorites are ‘Hey Jude’ by the Beatles, ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’, and ‘Fairytale’ by Sara Bareilles. After placing him back in his usual spot on top of my head, giving him Floydette the loyal unicorn pillow pet to guard him, and letting little sister Hoshi cuddle up to him; I sang these three songs. After I finished I began to position myself back into my normal sleeping pose. He immediately started to kick and whimper. His eyes were open though. My only thought was that I had not succeeded in calming him down as I usually do. So I decided on another song to sing. The first that popped into my head was ‘Wayward Son’ by Kansas. When I admitted to my friends once that I sung lullabies to my dogs they asked what songs and when I told them they reminded me that I sing the songs that Mary Winchester sung to her boys on Supernatural. Now every timeI sing to Puff I think of this. So ‘Wayward Son’ was my next choice of song, naturally. I sung it very slow and soft, hoping to ease him to sleep. The result was the above picture. Two perfectly peaceful pups laying luxuriously upon pillows. Apparently after watching Supernatural so many times with my faithful fandom dog by my side he has picked up an ear for the song. It has become his new lullaby. Thank you Supernatural.